Inside the Box

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​A new fun way of creating wonderful photographic memories by stepping inside the box, either on your own, with family members, friends, or even your pets. 

A typical box photo sessions takes between 30 - 90 minutes, depending on how many photos you would like to add to your collage.

The Collages look best with 3, 6 or 9 photos in the box. Depending on your requirements, bigger collages can be created.

We can create overlaps between the boxes, which will create an appealing, interactive effect to your collage.

Price info:

​30 minute studio photo session: € 40,00

60 minute studio photo session: € 60,00

90 minute studio photo session: € 80,00

Price per photo to add to your collage:

€9,00 without overlap into another box

€15,00 with overlap into another box

Price example for a 9 box collage with a 1 hour photo session:

Without overlaps: €141,00  (€60,00 + 9 x €9,00)

With for example 3 overlaps: €159,00  (€60,00 + 3 x €15,00 + 6 x €9,00)

Included in the price is a 30 cm x 30 cm print on photographic paper.

You will also receive a digital file in a small resolution, solely for private usage in Social Media networks such as Facebook, Instagram etc.